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Pet Urine and odor Removal by North County Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

As any pet owner, will tell you, our four-legged family members can be the most supportive people in our lives. No matter what happens, they are always there to lend a paw and let us know we’re loved. Unfortunately, with great friendship comes great accidents.

The Truth About Home Pet Urine Removal

Pet owners swear by a whole host of home remedies and cleaning tips to help with pet urine removal. For many of these remedies, the truth is they simply do not work. Often times, these cleaning methods will do little more than cover the smell so you think it’s gone. Dogs have a much greater sense of smell than humans, so even when we can’t smell the mess, they do. An animal will tend to urinate or have accidents in the same areas as long as they can still sense it.

In extreme home remedy cases, you can ruin your flooring or the actual floor itself. Without proper training with the variety of materials and accidents that occur, you may not realize what substances can ruin or discolor your carpet or fabric. This can be especially important when these pet urine carpet cleaning tips involve harsh chemicals like bleach. Harsh chemicals can also be harmful to humans, animals, and plants in your home.

Why Use Professional Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning Services?

The most important reason you should call North County Carpet Cleaning to help with your pet urine removal needs is knowledge. Every member of our team undergoes extensive training to know how to properly handle pet accidents on a variety of surfaces and materials, which helps neutralize the odors as well. Our knowledge also stems from the experience North County Carpet Cleaning has cleaning up after animals all over the Clark County area.

Professional pet urine carpet cleaning companies also have the technology, tools, and products that work. While everything North County Carpet Cleaning uses is highly effective, all products are also eco-friendly and safe for your whole family, even little Sam Dogg.

Our pet urine removal system penetrates below the surface to reach the areas your home cleaners just can’t get to. It then grabs the urine and other accidents and pulls it right out of the fabric. In cases that are tougher than this, we have a whole truck full of tools and cleaners to specifically handle nearly every situation.

In some cases, you may be able to smell that something has happened, but may not actually be able to see it. In these frustrating times, you can find yourself crawling all over your floor hoping to find a nasty mess. To avoid any more accidents in the same area, call one of our pet urine removal technicians out to do a sweep and find and treat the exact spots and causes of the odors.

Pet urine carpet cleaning companies can help prevent that waste from causing more problems to your home and your family’s safety. Call North County Carpet Cleaning at 360-980-6059 to schedule your free estimate today.


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