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Commercial carpet cleaning in Vancouver WAMost business owners and managers would probably have a hard time recalling the last time they had any commercial carpet cleaning performed. This is because too many people don’t realize the importance of carpet cleaning for businesses, their workers, and their clients.

North County Carpet Cleaning has been serving businesses large and small for years now and has fostered many great relationships within the local business community in and around Clark County.

North County Carpet Cleaning provides commercial carpet cleaning services to:

  • Retail Businesses
  • Commercial Offices
  • Hotels
  • Food Services & Restaurants
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Home Offices
  • Shared Offices & Work-spaces
  • Churches
  • Schools & Daycare
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Municipal Buildings & Facilities 


Carpet Cleaning Vancouver, WA

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Posted by North County Carpet Cleaning LLC on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Why Worry About Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Businesses?

If you look at your office floors, they are primarily made for function over anything else, and for good reason. Your typical business receives far more foot traffic than your home and is concerned with appearance and durability. The carpeting is created especially for high-traffic areas which is meant to handle the increased traffic but also to hide dirt and stains.

Here is the problem, while your employees and customers may not be able to see the stains, this does not prevent the health-related issues like mold and bacteria from lingering around. In fact, the longer you leave things such as food stains, crumbs, and other organic messes, some molds and bacteria will grow and worsen. In some areas of your business that aren’t seen as often, this could be damaging down the road.

Your office can also run into the problem of stains piling up or being too extreme to be hidden by the carpet. In some higher traffic areas, you may encounter the same type of spill and accidents over and over again. For example, a carpeted foyer experiences coffee spills on a near daily occurrence. The cleaning staff does a great job at handling the spills as they happen, but over time the carpeting will start to discolor or make the stains appear more visible.

Commercial carpet cleaning companies can do great things with the newer updated carpet cleaning machines, but there may come a time when a stain is too set in and it may not come up. Allowing stains to set in will only allow them to bind themselves to the fibers of your business’ carpeting. Therefore, we suggest scheduling at least two visits per year, but every situation is different.

Commercial carpet cleaning in Vancouver WARegular Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Businesses Can Save Money

If you own your own business, saving money is even more important as it directly affects your ability to care for your family. Regular commercial carpet cleaning service visits will make your business more attractive to customers. This will, in turn, lead to more money by giving off a great first impression of professionalism and cleanliness.

More than that, just like our residential services, carpet cleaning for businesses can improve the life of your flooring. Over the course of a business’ life, this can save thousands of dollars on carpeting and flooring replacements. Remember, North County Carpet Cleaning handles much more than just carpet cleaning for businesses. our highly-trained team members can also clean your tiling, upholstery, and nearly every other fabric surface in your office.

We Will Work with You

As a business, your hours of availability or access are likely different than a residential home. Improving the safety and look of your business may not do much to help if your customers are too inconvenienced. We have fostered many long-lasting relationships with commercial clients in a number of industries. These relationships all started out the same way – with someone like you looking for help.

Our friendly and safety-oriented team members go above and beyond to work with you and your business to get the job done quickly. You can depend on us to get the job done right without interrupting your busy business schedule. These are the qualities North County Carpet Cleaning is known for, these standards and qualities are what have gained us the trust of our customers and have allowed us to be recognized as one of the industry leaders. Call our friendly staff for a free Commercial Carpet Cleaning estimate today at 360-980-6059.

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