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Are you looking for a dependable home carpet cleaning company? North County Carpet Cleaning is proud to be an award-winning company serving Clark County for many years now.

Life is always moving and a little chaotic sometimes, and that can take a toll on your floors, areas rugs and upholstery. If you take a look around at your carpets, rugs and even tiles, you will likely notice a color difference, especially underneath furniture and items that don’t get moved too often. This is simply because certain parts of our floors are high-traffic areas and receive a lot of foot traffic. Over time, this pushes dirt deep into the flooring where vacuuming just can’t reach. Therefore, you need a professional residential carpet cleaning company to come out and refresh your home every so often.

Pet Urine Removal by North County Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

Pet Urine Removal

Pet Stain Removal by North County Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

Pet Stain Removal

Scotchgard Carpet & Upholstery Protection by North County Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, WA


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When it comes to our homes, we take cleanliness a little more seriously than other places. These are the rooms our children play in, the rooms we sleep in, and the rooms we eat our meals in. Majority of our lives are spent in our homes, so it only makes sense that we want the cleanest areas possible.

A clean home does more than look good. It’s true that living in a clean and organized area can help raise your mood at times, but it goes so much deeper than that. Our homes are full of bacteria, dust, dirt, and other possibly harmful irritants. When we leave these pesky things alone, they tend to grow and become a larger health issue.

Much of our cleaning is surface cleaning. We vacuum our carpets, sweep and mop the floors, and dust the house occasionally. This doesn’t do much for those irritants that are hanging out deep within our carpets, grout, and upholstery. Hiring an experienced home carpet cleaning company will help keep your family safe and healthy using the latest technology and deep cleaning products. Since your family’s safety is always a priority, North County Carpet Cleaning uses eco-friendly products.


We love our animals here in the Pacific Northwest, but with animals comes the inevitable pet accident. When your pet has an accident, it is important that you get it cleaned up quickly and properly. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ‘at home’ remedies or store-bought products that truly get the urine smell out of the actual carpet fibers.

If you know where the spot is and it’s still wet, you can grab some paper towels and blot (don’t wipe) the area until it’s almost dry. North County Carpet Cleaning would be happy to help advise you on what to do before they are able to make it out.

Pet Urine Removal Process:

  1. Identify and test for urine spots.
  2. Treat the affected areas with our special solutions formulated to remove pet urine odors.
  3. Dwell Time for solutions to work. (varies depending on the severity or damage done)
  4. Urine Extraction from the carpet pad with a water claw tool.
  5. Finally, a thorough deep rinse leaving your carpets healthy and fresh once again.


Another part of life with a pet are the ugly stains that can get left behind. These stains can come from almost anything, like rain and mud from the great outdoors or that favorite spot to lie down. No matter what the reasoning, our home carpet cleaning experts are trained and experienced in any situation.

As with many accidents, stains from your pets need to be taken care of quickly before they truly begin to set in and discolor carpeting or fabric. The proteins contained in your pet’s urine want to bond with the fibers in your carpet and upholstery. The longer you have urine saturating, even if you thought you got it all, the longer these proteins have to bond with your fabric fibers. If an accident has been sitting too long, it may be impossible to clean.

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One of the best things about calling a home carpet cleaning company like North County Carpet Cleaning (besides the amazing customer service, of course) is the peace of mind that comes with our Scotchgard™ Protection.

Initially, carpets come from the manufacturer pre-coated with protecting agents that will help stop stains from setting in. After a while, these products wear off and your carpet just sits there unprotected. Leaving your carpets, rugs, and other fabrics unprotected can cause your floors to look much dirtier and may actually cause serious stains to set in that normally wouldn’t.

Our home carpet cleaning experts can come with Scotchgard™ Protection, giving you the peace of mind to know that your carpets, upholstery, and fabric are being protected in between cleanings. Our Scotchgard™ protectant also reduces fiber wear, sun fading, and mold.

You have invested a lot of time and money in your home. Let us help you protect that investment. Contact North Country Carpet Cleaning to schedule an appointment today.

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