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Pet Stain Removal Services by North County Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

Accidents, stains, and odors from pets are different than other types of stains and accidents. Do you use the same cleaning techniques on removing pet stains as other stains, only to find that the stain hasn’t gone away? When it comes to stains from pets, it’s very difficult to ensure the stain is completely removed, and it’s even hard to make sure any odor is completely gone. Even if your pets are perfectly house-trained, cleaning mud, dirt, and dander from pets can be a never-ending chore.

Carpet Cleaning Pet Stains

We have some of the most amazing natural beauty here in the Pacific Northwest. Getting out and enjoying this natural beauty around us can be a lot of fun, but when pets are involved, it tends to get messy. There are also the typical concerns about house-training, and even the most well-trained dog or cat can have accidents. Removing pet stains from carpet can be frustrating, and home DIY techniques aren’t enough to get everything out.

Professional Pet Stain Removal Services

  • Mud and Dirt: You can clean the mud and dirt up from little paws all you want, but it’s almost impossible to get it all. Leaving the excess debris on your flooring and fabrics can cause stains that darken and discolor over time, gradually forming stains that will be difficult to remove without pet stain carpet cleaning professionals.
  • Long-term Damage: Did you know that removing pet stains can help detect and fix underlying damage caused by the pet stain?
    • When a pet has an accident on a spot on the floor or your furniture, that liquid seeps down through the fabric and into the materials underneath.
    • This can cause a strong odor or even severe damage to floorboards, some furniture, and the carpet padding itself.

Preventative action and regular professional pet stain removal can minimize the damage and significant cost of permanent pet stains and odors. By scheduling your regular pet stain removal treatment, you can maintain a healthy and clean home for you and your family.

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Steam Cleaning to Remove Pet Stains From Carpet

Pet stain removal services are great at making your floors and home look new again, and removing pet stains can even make your home and family healthier. North County Carpet Cleaning uses a gentle steam cleaning process that raises stains from the carpet, giving your floors new life! Steam cleaning can get at the root of the stain or odor issue, making sure carpets are cleaned thoroughly–instead of just topically. North Country Carpet Cleaning provides affordable, effective steaming cleaning–so you can keep permanent pet stain damage to a minimum!

Call the Experts for Pet Stain Removal 

Using special UV light technology, we can locate all of the pet stains within your home. In many cases, we can find and remove stains that you weren’t even aware of! By removing them promptly and regularly through scheduled cleanings, we can prevent pet stains from continuing to seep into your floorboards or furniture. North County Carpet Cleaning is here to help! Contact North County Carpet Cleaning today for more information on our pet stain removal services in Vancouver WA and surrounding areas.

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