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Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

If there is one place in the entire house that you want to feel relaxed and comfortable, it’s your bed. However, it may be difficult to relax if you know what’s living and growing on your mattress.

Regularly scheduled mattress cleaning services by a professional mattress cleaning company can help identify these issues before they erupt into major problems, and deep cleaning can also prevent many issues from even occurring!

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How to Deep Clean a Mattress

There are several DIY ways to attempt to clean your mattress, but there are limitations. A traditional DIY mattress cleaning typically involves vinegar, hot water, and some kind of soap. While this can get surface stains and minimal odors out, you will not be able to penetrate within your mattress. DIY cleaning can even make your mattress condition worse if you saturate the actual fabric to a point where it cannot dry quickly enough. DIY mattress cleaning will not sanitize your mattress, so anything “leftover” that isn’t cleaned, will come back with a vengeance.

Professional Mattress Deep Cleaning Makes a Difference

North County Carpet Cleaning professionals use a safe and effective sanitizing solution to get to the dirt and impurities that are embedded deep within your mattress. Depending on the size of the mattress, our technician will have your mattress completely cleaned and sanitized between 30 minutes and 1 hour. It only takes 2 hours for the cleaning solution to evaporate, so you can sleep in your clean bed the same night.

Professional Mattress Cleaning

While at-home mattress cleaning may involve some wiping-down or vacuuming, a professional mattress cleaning service will provide deep-down sanitization. Our professional mattress cleaning equipment is hospital-grade, so you can be assured that our cleaning service will get your mattress as clean as it can possibly be. It’s highly recommended to hire a professional with the experience and equipment on how to deep clean a mattress. Contact North County Carpet Cleaning today to schedule your mattress cleaning!

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