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If there is one place in the entire house that you want to feel relaxed and comfortable, it’s your bed. However, it may be difficult to relax if you know what’s living and growing on your mattress.

Our High-Standards for Mattress Sanitization

While at-home mattress cleaning may involve some wiping-down or vacuuming, a professional mattress cleaning service will provide deep-down sanitization.

Our mattress cleaning equipment is hospital-grade, so you can be assured that our cleaning service will get your mattress as clean as it can possibly be.

What Does the Mattress Cleaning Process Entail?

North County Carpet Cleaning professionals use a safe and effective sanitizing solution to get to the pests and impurities that are embedded deep within your mattress.

Depending on the size of the mattress, our technician will have your mattress completely cleaned and sanitized between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

It only takes 2 hours for the cleaning solution to evaporate, so you can sleep in your clean bed the same night.

Why Do I Need My Mattress Cleaned?

Studies have shown that babies and children that are exposed to environments where there’s high dust mite exposure or other allergen exposure are more likely to develop allergies, asthma, or both.

It is recommended that you get a professional mattress cleaning at least once per year to keep your mattress clean and your family healthy. However, if you or a family member suffers from allergies, more frequent cleanings may be called for.

What is Inside My Mattress?

The most common culprits that contribute to an unclean mattress are bed bugs, dust mites, mold, stains, and odors.

If you have never thought to get a professional mattress cleaning service before, then you may be dealing with one or more of these issues and not even realize it.

Fortunately, North County Carpet Cleaning utilizes specialized equipment to remove all of these offenders and help you get your restful sleep back.

Bed Bugs

Every bed in your home could be host to an army of little critters that will eat your skin as you sleep.

We’ve all heard about infestations at hotels, motels, and other travel areas, but the truth about bed bugs is they can live anywhere. It doesn’t matter how many people use your bed or how often you clean your home, it is still possible to pick up bed bugs.

They can easily be picked up while traveling or staying the night anywhere bed bugs are present. Once you have them, they are not easy to get rid of.

Regularly scheduled services by a professional mattress cleaning company can help you rest easy knowing these pests will be taken care of for good.

Dust Mites

In addition to bed bugs, there’s another little pest that will feed on dead skin cells that accumulate in your bed while you sleep.

Every day, we shed millions and millions of dead skin cells naturally which accumulate in our beds, upholstery, and carpets. These cells mix in with other tiny particles and form the dust we see all around us that fills the tiny areas we can’t see.

Living in those tiny nooks and crannies are the extremely tiny dust mites. These parasites cannot be seen with the naked human eye, but they are thriving and multiplying on your mattress and elsewhere in your home.

The feces of the dust mite contains enzymes that can cause allergic reactions and other health conditions including asthma, eczema, bronchitis, headaches, fatigue, and sinus pain.

The very best way to help keep dust mites on the run is to keep their hiding spots as clean as possible. Therefore, regularly scheduled mattress cleaning appointments are very important in keeping these pests at bay.

Our team of professional mattress cleaning experts at North County Carpet Cleaning are able to reach all those little nooks and crannies and pull out the dirt and dust that dust mites live in.

Mold, Stains and Other Issues

There are several other issues that can be eliminated or reduced with regular mattress cleanings. Mold comes in a large variety of colors and levels of toxicity, and many of them enjoy the dark and damp areas of our bedrooms.

Stains and odors from urine, wine, or other substances are nearly impossible to treat at home, but our mattress stain cleaning experts are able to effectively treat these issues as well, leaving your mattress looking and smelling fresh and clean.

If your mattress is due for a cleaning, don’t hesitate to call North County Carpet Cleaning today at 360-980-6059.


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